ICASA 2018

ICASA 2018 covers several topics, they are including but not limited to:

Aviation Science and Technology: navigation, transportation, surveillance, construction, logistics, airport operation, satelite and telecommunication system, aircraft navigation technologies, aerodrome planning, big data analysis, etc.

Aerospace Engineering: aircraft design and development, thermodynamic, aerodynamic, astrodynamics, aeronautical simulation systems, flight dynamics, structural dynamic, aircraft electronics, advanced propulsion, airport design, new materials, etc.

Safety and Energy: safety system and regulation, renewable energy, environmentally friendly energy, legal issues in aviation, analysis of aviation safety, food security, etc.

Applied Sciences and Engineering: electrical and telecommunication engineering, mechanical and industrial engineering, geophysics, material science, chemical and environment, architecture and civil engineering, computer and information technology, aeronautical science applications, statistics and applied mathematics, etc.

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