Abstract of Prof. Florian Holzapfel

Keynote Speaker
Prof. Florian Holzapfel
Insitute of Flight Sytem Dynamics
Techische Universitat Munchen

“Requirement Driven Model Based Development of Modern Control Laws for Fly-by-Wire Aerial Systems”


Model-based development has been widely adopted in the aerospace community as a well-accepted means to expedite development, reduce cost and increase quality for complex avionics enabled functions in aircraft – like the control laws in modern fly-by-wire systems. The presentation will highlight an application-oriented development process and demonstrates the applicability based on the control law development for a closed-loop fly-by-wire control law. The process starts by requirement capture and more important requirement formalization, defining the desired behaviour of the integrated system using nonlinear reference models. Validation of the requirements is pursued by simulation. An incremental nonlinear dynamic inversion-based control strategy is pursued to render the closed-loop behaviour as close as possible to the desired reference behaviour. Certification conformal criteria are used for stability and robustness. Also gain tuning is performed by requirement driven methods. Finally, assessment of the resulting design utilizes modern and advanced methods like subset simulation, counter optimization and formal methods to assess moding logics. The whole development process is embedded in a toolchain that ensures traceability. The methods are actually used in current development projects for both – unmanned and manned systems.

Short Resume

  • Diploma Mechanical / Aerospace Engineering (TU München): 1999
  • Development Engineer Daimler Chrysler Aerospace – Flugregelung: 1999
  • Research Assistant at the TUM Institute of Flight Mechanics and Flight Controls – Research Area Flight Control – 2000-2004
  • Doctorate Degree Dr.-Ing. (Nonlinear Adaptive UAV Control), 2004
  • Project Leader Flight Simulation / Flight Mechanics at IAB GmbH in Munich, 2004 – 2007
  • Since 2007 – Full Professor and Director of the TUM Institute of Flight System Dynamics
  • Member of national, European and American Technical Committees on Guidance, Navigation and Controls
  • Main Focus: Applied Research for advanced functions in UAS and General Aviation Aircraft – including flight safety and model based development of functions and supporting system architectures.

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