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Recent Advances in Multi-Objective Trajectory Optimisation Methods for Air Traffic Management

Dr Alex Gardi

THALES Research Fellow, Aviation & Aerospace Systems

Intelligent Transport and Mission Systems Group

Aerospace Engineering and Aviation Discipline

RMIT University – School of Engineering

Bld. 251, Bundoora East, PO Box 71, Bundoora, VIC 3083, Australia



Avionics and Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems are evolving with the introduction of progressively higher levels of automation and information sharing, towards attaining the ambitious operational, technical and safety enhancements required to sustain the present growth of global air traffic. Emerging ATM system designs integrate automated capabilities for planning, negotiating and validating 4-Dimensional (4D) trajectories in synergy with novel airborne avionic systems to realise the Trajectory/Intent Based Operations (TBO/IBO) paradigm. These novel 4D-TBO functionalities are designed to fulfil the stringent time requirements associated with strategic and tactical online operational needs.

The 4D trajectory planning process, which is the focus of this invited keynote, is based on real-time Multi-Objective Trajectory Optimisation (MOTO) algorithms adopting a variable set of models and weightings, which are defined based on the flight phase, aircraft and airspace states, thereby addressing various operational, economic and environmental factors. The models adopted to introduce the environmental performance within the MOTO framework also enable an estimation of the environmental impacts.

Capitalizing on the higher theoretical accuracy offered by optimal control algorithms compared to other methods, the keynote focusses on a promising MOTO implementation which integrates a post-processing stage to ensure that the mathematical optimum is translated into a set of standardized 4D descriptors, which can be flown by state-of-the-art automatic flight control systems and synthetically described by a limited number of parameters, minimizing bandwidth requirements.

The keynote concludes by highlighting the key challenges and opportunities of this technology for the aviation industry.

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